Never miss a rebate earning again

With a centralized rebate platform, you'll gain real visibility over your supplier rebate programs turning them into a dynamic engine for business growth.

Trusted by industry leaders

Get full visibility of rebates. Improve cash flow.

Automated accruals

Accurately track rebates due,  including any supplier-guaranteed margins, with a thorough audit trail to quickly resolve any disputes.

Cash collection support

Ensure all rebates are claimed and cash is received promptly. Look back retroactively and claim any missed earnings.

Comprehensive reporting

Get full, real-time visibility of deals, thresholds, and through margin to help you maximize your rebate earnings.

Powerful supplier rebate management software for electrical distributors

For dealers and distributors of electrical supplies, even a one-percentage point increase in rebate earned can have a big impact on the bottom line. Yet trading agreements are often lost, forgotten or scattered across the business, so valuable rebate goes unclaimed.

Enable lets you manage and track rebate centrally – so you maximize your rebate income and never miss an opportunity to claim. What’s more, you’ll also build better relationships with your suppliers and enable closer collaboration between finance and buying teams.

Why Enable for electrical distributors and buying groups?

Claim all your rebates owed

Most ERP systems lack the granularity to track rebate earnings in detail, so 4% of rebates typically go unclaimed by electrical industry distributors. Enable ensures you invoice for all rebate owed, improving your bottom line.

Accurate product and pricing data

Enable is the only rebate management platform to integrate with IDEA, the product data service provider for the electrical industry. Our IDEA integration keeps your product and pricing data clean and accurate at all times.

Streamlined collaboration

Enable’s collaboration features let you work with electrical products manufacturers and industry buying groups to monitor progress together and agree achievable deals.

Transforming supplier rebate management in the electrical industry

From manual processes and an outdated finance system…

  • Rebate is an important profit driver for this Ontario-based electrical products distributor
  • It was struggling to manage hundreds of rebate deals via Excel and a legacy AS/400 system
  • Poor visibility into rebate earned led to missed claims and supplier disputes

…to full visibility and better supplier collaboration

  • Enable provides full visibility into rebate performance across 190+ branch locations
  • Rebate is automatically calculated, accrued and claimed in a timely manner
  • Supplier portal enables closer working with manufacturers to agree win-win deals

From time-consuming and inefficient rebate management…

  • Rebates were managed in Excel, making calculations and accruals very time-consuming
  • Checking rebate figures at month and year end was a manual process with huge scope for error
  • Suppliers were invoiced for rebate via credit notes produced as manual mail-merge letters

…to fast, automated accruals and a platform for future growth

  • Enable hosts all agreements centrally, with supplier access to review and approve together
  • Automated calculations mean accruals reports now take 10 minutes rather than 2 hours
  • New functionality in Enable is available for ATC to use as soon as it’s released

Accurate product data for electrical distributors

Enable is the only rebate management software platform to integrate with IDEA Connector, the product data service provider for the electrical industry. Our integration with IDEA Connector means electrical distributors can access manufacturer product and pricing data directly in Enable, making the creation and management of rebate and incentive agreements much easier.
Read more about our partnership with IDEA
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