Partner dashboard

Get everyone aligned around your trading programs with our partner dashboard.

Building trust and loyalty across partners

Enable gives everyone in the partnership the visibility and transparency they need to unlock the strategic potential of their deals.
Collaborators negotiating through Enable messaging.

Your dashboard to better collaboration

Trading programs and rebate schemes are meant to drive positive behaviors by trading partners – but they often under-deliver due to poor management. Ad-hoc agreements get lost or misinterpreted, commercial teams strike deals that Finance can’t support, and what was meant to drive good business instead turns to friction and disputes.

Enable solves the problem with a Partner Dashboard that lets trading partners work in alignment. With a collaboration area to sign off agreements together, a shared source of master data and transaction data, and insights into trading partner and buying group member performance, it means better business all round.

One platform to drive revenue, together

Collaborative platform

Work with your trading partners to review, approve and download trading program documentation,  with automated workflows to speed up the process.

Single source of data

Import master data and transactional data from your trading partners using our import wizard, to ensure everyone’s working with the same information.

Progress tracker

View the performance and progress of your channel partners or buying group members towards achieving the targets set out in your trading programs.

Invite partners to collaborate

Here’s how you invite your trading partners to collaborate in Enable.

Why Enable for trading partner collaboration?

Build mutually-beneficial trading programs

With a dashboard that tracks the progress of your deals, you and your trading partners can align around mutually-beneficial programs, rather than striking ad-hoc deals that might not be the best driver of business.

Cut down on data entry & admin

When you manage trading programs on spreadsheets, it can mean endless manual entry of transaction data from partners. With Enable, data is submitted by trading partners directly into the portal, saving you time and effort.

Import transactions into Enable

Our five-step process lets you import your transaction data into Enable to share with trading partners

Minimize disputes and delays

Disputes can easily arise when program terms aren’t clear or visible to everyone. In Enable, your partners have full transparency and up-to-date progress reports can be created, so there’s no room for doubt.

Better serve your mutual end-customers

When you and your trading partners work together in Enable, it’s easier to agree on deals that not only enhance your respective businesses, but also ensure your customers get the right products at the right price for their needs.

Sign off on trading programs

Easily review, discuss and sign off on your trading programs together.

Maximize profitability and growth

With Enable, you and your partners can get back to the real purpose of trading programs – to help you grow your business together. Clear visibility of progress towards targets means your teams are motivated to strive harder.

Increase value for buying group members

For buying groups, you can increase the value you provide to your members. See how close your members are to rebate thresholds, and help them get more back to boost their bottom line.

Review progress towards targets

Keep track of progress your trading partners or buying group members are making towards program targets.

Find out more about partner collaboration and insights

Keen to know more about how you can take a more collaborative approach to your trading programs with Enable? Get in touch with us at:

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