The rise of the rebate strategist

Unlock the strategic potential of your rebates

Big changes are happening in rebate management. Once an admin-heavy job focused on making sure the numbers add up, now a new role is emerging for rebate managers: one that puts them front and center of business strategy.

Rebate managers who have made the leap are now actively driving revenue, growth, and profitability for their businesses – and making a name for themselves in the process.

They’ve essentially transformed their role from rebate manager to rebate strategist, and they and their employers are reaping the rewards.

If rebate management is a key element of your role, it’s a shift you can make too.

What's preventing you from being strategic?

Not enough time

Siloed systems and operations

Poor visibility

Disconnected relationships

Fixed mindset

Unreliable data

The strategic way

Building trust and loyalty with trading partners

Acting on insights from your data

Stronger cross-departmental alignment

More granular, timely responses

Drive revenue and business growth

Single source of truth for your rebates

Hear from the other rebate strategists

Enable has allowed AD to streamline our internal processes, provide better reporting to our customers, and reduce the amount of errors during our closing periods.

Brett Carey, Business Systems Manager
Affiliated Distributors

Rebate management software ultimately pays for itself in both customer satisfaction and in accurate, timely payments, as well as by allowing us to analyze which rebates programs work and which don’t work.

Bob Gay, Manager of Customer Profitability and Rebates
Advance Auto Parts

I've been able to switch from managing the paperwork aspect of it to actually being able to look at some of the reporting and being strategic with decisions.

Colleen Kennedy, Marketing Analyst

In order to set ourselves up for growth, to become a billion dollar company, we could not continue to do business the way that we were doing it in the past. So we did an internal review and we said, instead of just having a procurement team, bringing on new vendors, new partners, we need to be more strategic about our rebates.

Shaina Wan, Strategic Vendor Partnerships Manager

If you’re ready to step into the role of rebate strategist, Enable – and our market-leading, cloud-based rebate management software – is here for you all the way. 

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