Executive Dashboard

An at-a-glance guide to trading program performance, to guide executive-level business decisions

Many trading programs. One single view.

At-a-glance dashboard

No overwhelm, no complexity. Enable Executive Dashboard gives you just the key facts about your trading program performance.

Up-to-date insights

Don’t be misled by out of date data. Executive Dashboard shows you how your trading programs are performing right now.

Quick to learn, easy to use

No more wading through reams of spreadsheets. Executive Dashboard is simple, clean, and easy to use, for immediate, at-a-glance insights.

A SparkNotes for your trading programs

Managed well, rebate programs can move the needle on your organization’s financial performance. But because they’re hard to track, they’re often overlooked as a driver of revenue and profitability.

Enable Executive Dashboard acts like a SparkNotes for your trading programs, providing an up-to-date summary of program performance to guide business decisions. See which programs are performing well, and which need tweaking to maximize the value of rebate to your business.

Why Enable Executive Dashboard?

Keep senior teams in the loop

No more hours spent pulling together reports for management and board meetings. With Executive Dashboard, senior teams can self-serve an up-to-date snapshot of trading program performance whenever it’s needed.

Get anytime insight into your trading programs

Often, the first insight the C-Suite has into trading program performance is at quarter or year end, when it’s too late to do anything. Executive Dashboard makes it easy to check in on trading programs on any day of the year.

Make timely business decisions

With an on-demand snapshot of your trading programs, you can make timely decisions to improve their performance. Is one of your programs under-delivering? Take action immediately to boost its potential.

Generate more revenue

Customer rebates are intended to drive sales and revenue, but are often under-utilized for that purpose. Executive Dashboard lets VPs of Sales see at a glance which programs could be improved to generate more revenue.

Maximize rebate income

Supplier rebates can be a key driver of profitability, but they often fly under the radar of CFOs and CPOs. Executive Dashboard shows at a glance which programs to focus on in order to generate the most value for the business.

Learn more about Enable Executive Dashboard

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