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Why B2B customer rebate programs fail — and how to make yours succeed

B2B customer rebates are how large companies (like manufacturers) incentivise their customers, or vendors (typically those who sell to multiple groups of people, such as chain stores, buying consortia, distributors etc.) to sell specific products within a specific time.Unfortunately many challenges face those managing customer rebates.

Historically deals have been hard to track: mostly due to a lack of adequate, easy-to-use systems and partly due to the sheer volume and complexity involved in managing customer rebates, often resulting in confusion between manufacturers and their customers as well as and the inability to get a true sense of the ROI of joint business plans or marketing activities.

As a result, manufacturers may: accrue for liabilities incorrectly; have difficulty understanding net-net margins; suffer from missed deal earnings, missed opportunities and sub-optimal partner relationships; and provide poor service through delays and confusion in claims processing. The result isn’t just a lack of business insight. In worst case scenarios, incorrectly accrued rebate allocation has actually resulted in failure to comply with government legislation, job losses, and even imprisonment of company directors.

This white paper describes how effective B2B customer rebate management can help you create, track and manage more profitable deals in order to gain more sales, more consistently, while improving customer relationships.

Download this white paper to discover:

Why customer rebate programs don't deliver
Why customer rebates matter in the deal economy
What's stopping you from managing customer rebates effectively
Benefits of rebate management software
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