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Rebate management: Is ERP or specialist software the better choice?

So you’ve reached a point where the way you manage your rebate agreements just isn’t working any more. You’ve either maxed out the capabilities of your legacy ERP system, or you’ve decided it’s no longer viable to track, manage and calculate rebate in standalone spreadsheets.

You know you could be managing rebate more strategically, even turning it into a primary revenue stream for your business. And you definitely want to automate as much of the day-to-day rebate management, accounting and reporting as possible. But what’s the right way forward?

For most companies looking to up their rebate management game, it generally comes down to a binary choice: invest in a new ERP system that offers rebate management functionality, or manage it outside of the ERP system using specialist rebate management software.

If that’s a decision you’re mulling right now, this white paper will help you to make the right choice for your business.

Download this white paper to discover:

What to consider when evaluating an ERP solution
What happens when ERP can’t handle rebate complexity
Why lack of ERP functionality means rebate can’t be managed strategically
The business case for specialist rebate management software
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