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Complete guide to rebate management

“Rebate management" is the process of recording rebate agreements, tracking purchases and sales against those agreements, and managing accruals and rebate claims in a timely manner.

Effective rebate management is essential for today's distributors, manufacturers, buying groups and retailers. However,  rebates and B2B deals are historically managed inefficiently due to teams relying on manual processes and lack of visibility.

Managing hundreds to thousands of complex agreements can bring headache after headache so a comprehensive approach to rebate management is the path to boosting financial performance, mitigating risks and increasing operational efficiency.

Download our complete guide to rebate management, to discover the process, importance and how it can help support growth and profitability in your organization.

Download this white paper to discover:

What are the consequences of poor rebate management?
What is the most common way of managing rebate agreements?
How will a rebate management system benefit your business?
How is Enable different and how does our rebate management software work?
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