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So much more than rebate management

Enable is a rebate management system that delivers granular margin intelligence. It’s made for manufacturers and distributors who want to leverage the strategic potential of rebates to influence revenue and protect their margins - but are struggling to manage the scale and compound complexity of modern rebate agreements.

Unlike spreadsheets, which can’t handle scale and are prone to human error; or other rebate management tools, which aren’t set up to encourage collaboration between different departments and trading partners, Enable allows all relevant parties to access real-time insight into their trading relationships.

By offering trading partners a shared, single source of truth for their trading programmes; helping them collaborate on mutually beneficial deals; and giving them the insight needed to fully understand their rebates and margins, Enable’s collaborative approach removes internal friction, and disputes between manufacturers and distributors. And it creates the transparency they need to uncover hidden revenue opportunities and make fully informed commercial decisions.

In this webinar you will discover:

How to maximize productivity through effective collaboration and automating manual processes.
How to negotiate the best B2B deals and share them with your trading partners for electronic sign-off, leaving a full audit trail.
Ways in which you can strengthen and accelerate your financial reporting with auditable results and up-to-date information.
All too often deals are filed away and the true value is never realized. Enable gives you maximum possible income.
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