Maximize the value of your rebates

Strategically manage your supplier rebates and market development funds in one transparent, easy to use platform.

Get full visibility of rebate. Improve cash flow.

Automated accruals

Accurately track rebates due,  including any supplier-guaranteed margins, with a thorough audit trail to quickly resolve any disputes.

Cash collection support

Ensure all rebates are claimed and cash is received promptly. Look back retroactively and claim any missed earnings.

Comprehensive reporting

Get full, real-time visibility of deals, thresholds, and through margin to help you maximize your rebate earnings.

Powerful supplier rebate management software for catering businesses

In theory, catering companies can generate significant income from supplier rebates. Yet trade agreements are often lost, fragmented across the business or hard to replicate in ERP systems, so progress is hard to track and valuable rebates go unclaimed.

Enable allows catering and foodservice businesses to manage and track supplier rebates centrally and maximize its value. The result is stronger supplier relationships and a healthier bottom line.

Why Enable for catering and foodservice?

Claim 100% rebates owed

Most ERP systems lack the granularity to track rebate earnings in detail, so 4% of rebates typically goes unclaimed by catering businesses. Enable ensures you invoice for all rebates owed, fueling profitable growth.

Manage your rebates across divisions

Maximizing rebate income requires close co-operation between Purchasing, Marketing and Finance. Enable’s centralized platform means everyone is working from the same data, so you don’t miss or lose sight of anything.

Make smart buying decisions

When you have complex deals with multiple tiers and conditions, it can be hard to know what to buy (and when) to earn the most rebate. Enable gives you full insight into your trade deals to help you make the right decisions.

Improve supplier relationships

Enable’s collaboration features let you work with your suppliers to grow your business together, while still offering competitive pricing for your customers – creating a win-win approach for everyone.

Boost bottom-line profitability

Every extra dollar of rebate adds to the bottom line. With Enable you get full visibility into how and when you can earn more rebate from suppliers, with insights that enable you to maximize your rebates returned to the business.  

Transforming supplier rebate management in catering and foodservice

From an antiquated system that was hard to get data out of…

  • One of the largest foodservice buying and marketing consortiums in the UK
  • Existing rebate system was “antiquated and time laborious” with static PDF reports
  • When COVID-19 shut hospitality down, it was hard to assess what rebate was owed to members

…to smart rebate management that returns more to members

  • Enable’s real-time reporting reveals quick wins and opportunities to earn additional rebates
  • Buyers can run “what if” scenarios to identify ways to maximize on rebates
  • Members get real-time insights into their progress towards rebate targets and thresholds

Discover the rebate management system that turns rebates and incentives into a strategic growth driver for B2B trading partners.

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