Vendor Funds

Manage MDF, co-op funds and promotional funds to maximize their value to you and your trading partners

Grow your business with well-managed co-op funds

Central deal repository

Enable keeps all your co-op fund agreements in one place, so it’s easy to see what’s been agreed. A collaboration portal lets you review deals together with your partners.

Clear view of transaction data

Enable imports transaction data directly from your ERP, so you can easily demonstrate purchase and sales data against your vendor fund agreements.

Progress tracker

Don’t miss out on funds: The Enable Progress Tracker lets you monitor your progress towards unlocking new levels of co-op funding.

Make the most of co-op funds

Almost every manufacturer offers some kind of co-operative funding to retailers and channel partners, but those funds are frequently under-utilized. Co-op funds linked to purchase volumes are hard for distributors to keep track of, while market development funds (MDFs) often have overly-complex claim and reimbursement processes.

With Enable, it’s easy to maximize the value of co-op funds – whether you’re a vendor looking to incentivize channel partners, or a reseller looking for help with marketing campaigns or promotions. With a central repository for all your agreements and a shared view of transaction data, you can make co-op funds work much harder for your business.

Why manage MDF and co-op funds with Enable?

Maximize channel sales

For manufacturers, the purpose of co-op funds is to increase sales of specific products through channel partners. Enable gives you full visibility and analysis of fund performance, so you can maximize their impact.

Claim all the funds you’re owed

For distributors, resellers and retailers, making full use of vendor monies can amplify marketing budgets to generate more awareness, demand and revenue. Enable helps you claim all the vendor funds you’ve earned.

Know what funding is available

One issue with vendor funds is that it’s hard to track how much is available to you as a channel partner. Enable gives you full visibility of your purchase volumes, so you can track when you’re entitled to ask for more funds.

Build collaborative relationships

Unclear terms and lack of supporting data when claiming funds can lead to friction and disputes. Enable provides a shared view of agreements and performance, so you and your partners can work together to grow your business.

Make smarter use of funds over time

Enable gives you clear insight into the performance of your co-op funding programs, MDF programs and channel promotion funds, so you can make informed decisions on where to focus funds in future.

Learn more about managing vendor funds with Enable

Want to know more about how you can manage co-op funds, MDF and promotional funds more strategically with Enable? Get in touch for more information or to request a demo:

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