Royalties and Fees

Grow your business together with partners, through strategic management of royalties, licenses, and more

Build your business through royalties and fees

When it comes to business-building strategies, companies have many options.

Products can be branded with a famous name, generating sales for the vendor and royalties or licensing fees for the sponsor. Even the monthly stationery order can contribute to the bottom line, by earning supplier rebates tied to purchase volumes or other criteria.

All of these strategies involve variable payments made retrospectively based on sales or purchase volumes. In that sense, they’re very similar to the supply chain rebates that Enable was built to manage.

That’s why, when people ask us if our rebate management platform can also handle royalties, licensing fees, and rebates on indirect spend, we’re happy to say yes. Find out more about why Enable is the right choice for calculating, managing and forecasting variable retrospective payments.

One platform to manage fees and other retrospective payments

Centralised deal repository

From sponsorship deals to indirect purchasing rebate agreements, Enable keeps all your deal documentation in one place, so it’s easy to see what’s been agreed.

Accurate calculations

Enable imports sales or purchasing data directly from your ERP, so you can easily and accurately calculate fees or royalties owed to you or owed by you.

Progress tracker

If you’re working with tiered rebates or commissions, Enable lets you track progress towards the next tier, so you can make smart decisions on what to sell or buy.

Why manage royalties and fees with Enable?

Maximize revenues and profits

Royalties and fees and rebates all have a purpose: to incentivize sales and purchasing behaviors that help you and your partners grow your business. Enable gives you full control and insight to maximize their value.

Make accurate calculations – without the work

Retrospective fees like royalties often get calculated manually, creating a ton of admin work and leaving scope for error. Enable automates data import and fee calculation, freeing time and ensuring accuracy.

Claim everything you’re owed

When royalties and rebates get managed manually in spreadsheets, it’s easy to miss transactions that could make a major difference. Enable automatically imports all your transactions, so you never miss a chance to claim.

Build collaborative relationships

Licensing fees and royalties are all designed to get trading partners aligned. But when they’re poorly managed, it can lead to disputes instead. With Enable you all work with the same data, so there’s no friction.

Learn more about managing royalties and fees with Enable

Want to know more about how you can manage royalties, licensing fees, and rebates on indirect spend more strategically with Enable? Get in touch for more information or to request a demo:

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