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Give your customers access to real-time rebate data that drives positive behavior and builds closer working relationships.

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Customer rebate management for distributors and wholesalers

Rebate should be a tool to encourage positive buying and sales behaviors on the part of your customers, but in practice it’s very hard to manage. Enable’s collaborative platform lets you turn customer rebates into a strategic engine of growth – for you and your trading partners.

Reduce rebate admin. Increase rebate visibility.

Rebate allocation transparency

Incentivize the right behaviors among your customers – and establish trust by giving full transparency around rebate payments and forecasts.

Trading agreement management

Remove admin and ambiguity in agreements with robust sign-off and a partner portal to view and upload transactional data.

Through margin reports

Get an accurate and up-to-date view of through margin for you and your trading partners.

Why Enable for distributors and wholesalers?

Gain full visibility of your rebate programs

Enable stores all your deals in one place, so you can view your rebate and incentive programs at any level of granularity – by customer, by product line, by SKU, by deal type, by branch, and more.

Calculate and pay rebate accurately

It’s hard to model complex deals in standard ERP systems, so fine details often get lost. With Enable you can model even the most complex deal terms, ensuring you always pay out the right amount.  

Accrue and forecast rebate accurately

Poor insight into rebate owed can lead to inaccurate financial reporting, forecasting and disclosure. With Enable you can accrue and forecast rebate payments accurately and in real time.

Avoid friction over rebate claims

When rebate terms aren’t clear to all parties, you can wind up in disputes over how much is owed. With Enable you work with your customers to review, discuss and approve deals, removing friction.

Go to market stronger together

Enable gives you the data, insights and collaboration tools to craft win-win deals together with your customers, so you all go to market stronger.

Transforming customer rebate management for distributors and wholesalers

From unwieldy and hard-to-access rebate spreadsheets…

  • Rebates were managed in spreadsheets so big they would only open slowly
  • One central spreadsheet made it hard for teams across the business to access rebate info
  • Amalgamating data and keeping spreadsheets updated was very time-consuming

…to using rebates as a strategic driver of business growth

  • Enable’s real-time reports allow DCS to use rebate to its full advantage to grow the business
  • Automated rebate accruals and reporting reduce financial risks as DCS continues to grow
  • Rebate management is now consistent and data-driven, driving better rebate negotiations

From poor visibility of customer rebate liabilities…

  • Customer rebates were negotiated by Sales but not easily shared with Finance
  • Finance often had no visibility of rebate liabilities accruing, affecting cash and profit forecasts
  • Poor visibility of agreed deals meant customers were offered further incentives, diluting margin

…to streamlined and strategic customer rebate management

  • Customers now sign off on rebate agreements in Enable, with full visibility to Finance
  • Rebate incentives can be designed strategically to maximize customer spend and profitability
  • Customer rebate is automatically accrued and can be monitored in real time by Finance

From managing complex rebate calculations by hand…

  • Complex customer rebate deals that changed during the financial year
  • Managing deals with Excel was eating up time and created scope for error
  • Rebate accruals and reporting was done manually and took a huge amount of time

…to automated, error-free rebate calculation and payment

  • Automated rebate calculations free up hours of time and eliminate human error
  • The time to produce a rebate accruals report has been slashed – from 2 hours to 10 minutes
  • Rebate is now processed automatically, rather than manually via journals and credit notes

From an ERP that struggled to handle complex rebate deals…

  • Customer rebates were complex, with multiple tiers and sometimes location-based deals
  • Needed to manage deals in compliance with individual US state regulations
  • Legacy ERP system made it hard to give customers timely insights into their rebate earnings

…to accurate, automated rebate management with ERP integration

  • Enable was the only platform that could handle the complexity and granularity of Balford’s deals
  • Automated calculations free up time, while reports make it easier to keep customers updated
  • Enable integrates with the ERP, preserving that investment while transforming rebate handling

From a custom-built system that couldn’t scale…

  • A custom-built rebate management system couldn’t scale with the business
  • Data entry work was duplicated across the rebate management system and the ERP
  • Financial data was hard to reconcile across the systems, affecting cash flow management

…to next-level rebate management with real-time visibility

  • Moving to Enable formed a key plank of Henderson’s digital transformation
  • Now Henderson has a SaaS rebate management system that’s always evolving with the times
  • Enable provides real-time visibility into customer spending, for accurate financial forecasting
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