The core values that motivate our day-to-day drive for excellence

The core values that motivate our day-to-day drive for excellence

A company's core values are the fundamental beliefs upon which your business and its behavior are based. They should reflect every aspect your business, from the relationship that you have with your customers to how your business manages and maintains a successful workplace culture.

Increasingly, more people are placing a far greater importance in choosing companies whose values align with their own. Thus, playing a significant role in both driving sales and also attracting and retaining a huge pool of talent desiring to work there.

Enable embraces core values ensuring everyone, from the long-established to fresh-faced, can contribute towards a common goal and shared vision. We've invited the whole team to share their views and personal opinions about the company to understand the values that lie at the heart of our business.

With that in mind, let's dive into the seven core values put together by our team that motivate our day-to-day drive for excellence.


We are ready to make investments in the future of our business. We will increase the number of customers that rely on our product and as a result we will grow sales.

At Enable, we believe you are either growing or shrinking. We've grown every year since we started. We want to help our customers grow as well. We're determined to lead the category we're in, by growing faster than our competitors.

We believe in continuous improvement to keep our software modern, feature-rich and ahead of the competition. We continuously invest in our solutions and technology, delivering major product enhancements every six weeks.

Enable is committed to personal and professional growth supported by one-to-one sessions with managers and regular training sessions. Particular focus is given to new starters within their first six weeks to get them up-to-speed as efficiently as possible, and growth opportunities are made to team members of all levels.

Every new project iterates and improves on previous projects, building our experience to deliver the best possible solutions for customers.


We punch above our weight and are always ready to scale to the next level. We hire talented people and develop them into experts.

Developers are responsible for improving the wider team's knowledge in key technical areas. Dedicated time is provided to challenge and improve our technical knowledge and processes.

We track expertise across a variety of skills. Our people regularly self-assess, to identify their strengths and weaknesses for skills development.

Research and development is routinely carried out to ensure we're capable of choosing the right solution for a given problem.

Customers trust that they are in good hands, with employees capable of understanding complex problems and recognising how software can be used to solve them.


Knowledge is shared within the team, and everyone is encouraged to learn and grow. We invest heavily in skills development, product knowledge and business acumen.

Skills workshops and group sessions are undertaken regularly to ensure that the whole team can contribute to, and benefit from, our collective pool of knowledge. Ultimately, our customers receive a better product and a better service as a result.

Enable undertakes research to tackle technical unknowns and adopt new technologies.

Enable builds solutions using open source software. We believe it is important to give back. We help to develop open source projects that are in use by the wider software development community.

We are committed to sharing knowledge between teams and individuals, so that specialist expertise is not siloed.


We build strong and strategic customer relationships through being dependable and trustworthy.

Enable delivers to our customers on time, every time, to a consistently high standard.

Our internal tools and processes ensure Enable consistently achieves excellent support response times.

The reliability of our products and service means that we are able to maintain long term relationships with our customers, strengthened by their confidence in our offering.

Enable encourages team working and socialising to build strong relationships, meaning that we know we can depend on others for help or guidance when we need it.


Our creative spirit helps us evolve our product -- getting closer every day to our vision of connecting every trading relationship with intelligent deals.

The analysis team sketch out innovative ideas to visualize creative solutions to a customer's business problems.

Our iterative design process ensures Enable can pick the best approach by exploring a multitude of options as we take a design from a sketch to a fully functional implementation.

We take pride in our ability to produce slick, original and intuitive user experiences in each and every solution.

New or improved approaches suggested by team members are welcomed irrespective of seniority or length of service.


We follow structured, repeatable processes to ensure our output is of the highest quality. We encourage a culture of continuous improvement.

Each developer's working day is structured, with the expectations of the day's work clearly detailed from the outset. Developers have the freedom to focus on the task at hand.

Business critical documentation and other useful information is stored in predictable and accessible locations.

All of our estimates are carried out using a standard process, thus ensuring their clarity and accuracy.

The Development team is split into sub-teams of around ten people, from which smaller project teams are formed, achieving a suitable balance of familiarity and variety of work, technologies and team members.


We are industrious, working hard to ensure our customers gain real value from our product. We value long-term thinking and doing things in a sustainable way.

Enable provides a calm and comfortable environment for work to be completed in. This environment is free from distractions and gives us the freedom to focus and perform at our best.

Through implementing internal policies and investigating industry best practices, we seek to make each project we work on the best yet in terms of quality of code.

Enable works hard to continuously test the software produced to ensure that all requirements have been completed to the highest standard.

In order to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends, developers are assigned regular training time to enhance their knowledge and broaden their skill set.


One of Enable's top priorities is to provide a positive environment for all of our employees to work in -- this is reflected in our excellent Glassdoor employee reviews! Establishing strong core values within our team has helped us to ensure each of our employees are working towards the same common goal and share a much bigger purpose.

Even if your company has already gone through this process, it's worth going over your core values every now and again to make sure they are still an accurate reflection on what your company and its employees stand for.

David Hunt
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