CEO, Andrew featured on One Stop Dev Shop Podcast

CEO, Andrew featured on One Stop Dev Shop Podcast

Our CEO, Andrew Butt was recently interviewed by founder Geordie Wardman from the One Stop Dev Shop Podcast on bootstrapping to over 60m in funding & achieving 8 figures ARR in 24 months.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn from the podcast:

  • How Andrew came up with the Enable idea
  • How Andrew and his team transitioned from customized software to a genuine product
  • What problem was Andrew attempting to solve from the beginning?
  • Importance of pivoting to a SaaS model early
  • Andrew’s experience of raising capital in the US
  • While Andrew and his team decided to raise cash
  • Difference between Enable’s series A and series B funding
  • Why Silicon Valley is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their SaaS companies

Listen to the episode in full here.

Elizabeth Lavelle
Build It Better

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