CEO, Andrew Butt featured on Leaders of B2B Podcast

CEO, Andrew Butt featured on Leaders of B2B Podcast

On this episode of Leaders of B2B Podcast called Scaling a Startup Fast, CEO of Enable Andrew Butt discusses:

  • His personal entrepreneurial journey, and how it began as a teenager when he started building websites and registering domain names for people.
  • Why Enable was founded and the value it adds.
  • Key lessons learned from the startup’s journey.
  • Team building as they employed more people, and growing the leadership team.
  • Escaping velocity, and the need to get to it quickly.
  • Key areas that need to grow to increase revenue and scaling to the next phase.
  • The key metrics to track, and how they vary depending on company growth.
  • Future plans for Enable.

To listen to the full episode visit:
Leaders of B2B Podcast

Andrew Butt
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