BMF Young Merchants' Podcast with Andrew Butt

BMF Young Merchants' Podcast with Andrew Butt

Andrew features in episode 3 of the second series of the BMF Young Merchants’ podcast talking to BMF Regional Manager James Spillane and BMF Young Merchants Chairman Glenn Paddison about the backstory of how Enable all started, his two passions in life computing and flying, moving to San Francisco and future plans of taking on the US market. A truly exciting time for Enable.

Plus, Andrew discusses how builders merchants and suppliers can use Enable to drive profitable growth. Rebates have gone from being an end of year bonus to now becoming a huge part of the profit and loss statement. If companies don't manage their rebates well their survival is threatened but if they do there's a huge opportunity for growth. What Andrew is doing is providing the tools to make the whole rebate management process easier.

To listen to the full podcast episode click here.

Elizabeth Lavelle
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