3 steps to business growth with better rebate management

3 steps to business growth with better rebate management

Business growth is a key goal for many but to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive and complex business environment, you need to put systems in place that allow you to easily streamline, automate, and scale. In this blog learn why organizations are looking for specialist rebate management software to solve their pain points, and how our implementation methodology leads to not only accurate rebate claims, but significant profitable business growth.

Step 1

Taking control of your rebates, gaining efficiency and claiming missing profit, not leaving 'money on the table' by:

  • Bring together suppliers & their hierarchy
  • Modelling existing agreements
  • Bringing in transactional data

This results in:

  • Rebates precisely calculated
  • Missing rebates claimed
  • Accurate accruals generated

Step 2

Trading smarter with your suppliers, driving supplier conversations to unlock your potential by:

  • Analyzing and refining your deals
  • Approving deals internally
  • Rolling out the platform to suppliers

This results in:

  • Transparent audit trail
  • Driving supplier conversations
  • More profitable relationships

Step 3

Attain business growth with true execution of joint business plans through:

  • Measuring deal performance
  • Approval deal workflow
  • Collaboration

This results in:

  • Behaviours aligned to goals
  • Increased supplier loyalty
  • Increased market share

Enable helps companies to:

  • Drive cashflow
  • Realize profit potential
  • Achieve financial compliance
  • Enhance business value
  • Earn supplier loyalty

....through improved management of supplier rebate deals.

What's next?

To see how Enable can help your business grow, schedule a demo.

Andrew Butt

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